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Galactic Roadhouse

relixreview Reviews/Press Releases
“Erickson shines… his lead and slide guitar work is extremely accomplished and volatile… gutsy vocals perfectly compliment his fluid and muscular guitar work.”

-Mick Skidmore
Relix Magazine


guitarworldreview Reviews/Press Releases
“Craig Erickson plays soulful, toneful, melodic leads.”

-Jimmy Mayo
Guitar World Magazine


classicrockreview Reviews/Press Releases
“…full of tough, gritty blues, and stacked with layer upon layer of juicy guitar.”

-Dave Ling
Classic Rock Magazine


grooveyardreview Reviews/Press Releases
“In my humble opinion, Craig Erickson is the genuine article, a true guitar hero for our times. His earthy, soulful blues-based music and gifted guitar playing outshine the norm.”

-Joe Romagnola
Grooveyard Records


“Fiery guitar work… Every nuanced word and note speaks volumes…master class level guitar work… Musical document that is a clear narrative of the state of world.”

-Jimmy Ryan
Truth Project


“…certainly one of the most underrated musicians of our time…”



“Magnificent with some of the best guitar playing now available. A must hear for all guitar enthusiasts”

Steve Rosen


“Craig’s guitar virtuosity is so evident that you get the feeling he could turn the juice up at any time and leave you standing in a cloud of sonic dust.”

-Joe Wilford
Icon Magazine


“Craig Erickson is one of the shining lights in blues and blues-based hard rock today.”

Team Riverdogs


“Craig takes cues from his own guitar heroes, and creates something unique and personal with it.. I think Craig is part of this great tradition, bringing the sounds full circle: back to the roots and beyond. What exactly is it about Craig’s guitar style that impresses me so much? The total package, absolutely. He’s got a great tone, and 100% intuitive technical skills. He uses wah-wah without it ever becoming trite or overdone. His sound changes color as the songs progress and develop. In addition to all these attributes, Craig Erickson just plain has SOUL. He breathes life into his songs via his fretboard.”

-Sal Serio
Tommy Bolin Foundation


bluesrevue Reviews/Press Releases

Nice CD review for Craig Erickson at at Blueswax
“Phillip Smith says that Craig Erickson’s “Galactic Roadhouse” is a heavy dose of electric blues that might be correct for the right patients.” 
-Chip Eagle for Blues Revue Magazine & Blueswax
Craig Erickson is back at the roadhouse…the Galactic Roadhouse, where the blues seems to run on high-octane guitar licks and often-heady lyrics. The album is mix of psychedelic songs with a spacey, galactic energy with Texas blues and a little funk. Drummer Kent Burnham and bassist Fingers Benson accompany Erickson on this one.
Conjuring up images of Dalton down at the Double Deuce, Erickson kicks us off with a fun one to listen to, “Back at the Roadhouse,” where “there’s a real hot band and the girls are fine.” This was a very nice one to start us off with, indeed. “Peace and Love” must have been channeled from Jimi Hendrix; it’s carefree, and full of good vibes. Erickson’s vocals complement the song very well.
The listener is brought in for a reality check with “Torrential Download Blues,” as Erickson reminds us that downloading and sharing music instead of purchasing it hurts the musicians and artists who depend on the sales of such music to make a living: “People used to buy my music, now they are taking it for free. Well how am I supposed to feed my family?” He makes an excellent point.
My two favorite tracks on the album are “River of Tears” and “Motormouth.” The slow groove on “River of Tears” is quite infectious, making it one of my favorites. I’m also drawn to the instrumental “Motormouth,” for many of the same reasons I am drawn to the music of Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani. Plain and simply put, it’s just great guitar playing.
Galactic Roadhouse is a heavy dose of electric blues; it’s definitely one for the guitar aficionados to pick up.
Phillip Smith is a contributing writer at BluesWax.

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